DID Exchange in 2019? Why do we need another one? Part 1


What is a DID Exchange ?

  1. National
  2. Mobile
  3. Toll-Free
  4. Short-code
  1. Voice Enabled
  2. Fax Enabled
  3. SMS Enabled
  4. Video Enabled

Buying DIDs (General Challenges)

Selling DIDs (General Challenges)

  1. Where do DID sellers find customers for those DIDs?
  2. When they do find customers, can they set their own terms (price, verification requirements, price per minute or message) ?
  3. How can they get paid instantly for those DID sales ?
  4. How to automatically manage the billing for purchases, cancelations and so on ?
  5. Find a market place that exposes programmable API (Application programming interface) for sellers to automate selling DID numbers.
Selling a DID Virtual Number
Requesting DID Sales Payout
My DIDs View
The DID Exchange end result would look like this.



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Ameed Jamous

Telecom Entrepreneur, Open Source Believer, CPaaS Evangelist — CTO @TelecomsXChange