Programmable Wholesale Exchange, What is it and how to get involved?

Ameed Jamous
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What is Programmable Wholesale Exchange?

Programmable Wholesale Exchange refers to communications service providers (CSPs) utilizing application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate the core actions for telecom wholesale buying and selling, such as interconnection, carrier relations, market opportunity research, ticket escalation, communications, traffic routing control, ratings and reviews, financial settlements for Voice , SMS and Virtual Numbers.

The Mission

The Programmable Exchange mission is to allow CSPs to automate their wholesale operations using programmable RESTful APIs, for the whole lifecycle of wholesale telecom exchange relationship, and provide carriers the ability to have real-time access programmatically to the voice, sms, virtual numbers market rates and statistics and a complete interconnect and billing API. This project will help CSPs make accurate decisions in realtime powered by Ai or humans (optional).

The Tasks Programmable Exchange Automates

  • Build a business case
  • Sign and NDA/MSA
  • Interconnection
  • Network Operation Center (NOC) Ticket Escalation to carriers when for QoS event happens
  • Carrier Relations tasks post interconnections (follow ups, price renegotiations and so on)
  • Rate sheets acquisition and processing (SMS, Voice, DIDs)
  • Routing decisions (enable Ai decision making)
  • Buying, Selling route(s), phone numbers inventory
  • Billing (CDRs, SDRs, Miscs)
  • Communications and public relations
  • Target rates sheet automation
  • API Enablement
  • Automatic exposure for CSPs services in the CPaaS market

Interconnection sample:

The below API request demonstrates the http request to interconnect with TATA communications.

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Sample Response:

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Once the successful response comes in, the exchange will automatically authorize the i_billing_account (your SIP/SMPP network) to use TATA communication prime routes, the exchange will also send you an email confirmation of the route purchase “interconnect” and will notify the seller e.g TATA via email that buyer “You” has purchased the route.

The buyer will receive full rate deck to the rates department email address on file, NOC team will receive the tech information required to provision the carrier on their core system.

P.S: Rates and carrier tech information are also available via API for complete provisioning automation and rates import. this applies on voice, sms and phone numbers purchased via API.

As you can see a few lines of codes can simply automate the whole process for interconnect managers, pricing team and carrier relations manager, the same process that usually takes from weeks to months to complete is now achievable in a few seconds without any human involvement.

Selling DID Example

CSPs with virtual number inventory can sell their numbers on the exchange, by simply pointing them to the exchange network using SIP/SMPP protocols.

Once pointed, the CSP can upload the numbers via web interface, or add single entries or automate the whole procedure using programmable API.

The CSP is able to set billing values (monthly rate, price per minute, message and intervals) also set the numbers capabilities and verification documents requirements all at once.

Once done the numbers will be fed into the exchange for buyers to view and purchase immediately using intuitive web ui or programmable interface (API)

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Get Involved

We would like to thank contributors like Telestax for providing us with significant support to make sure that what we’re building solves CPaaS market challenges faced today.

There is many ways for CSPs to get involved, it can start by simply interconnecting your network over SIP/SMPP to the TelecomsXChange platform, the services you offer will automatically become programmable and available via API for others, such as (prices, stats, phone number inventory, interconnection, escalation list).

Other ways for contribution can be sponsorships, code contributions, integrating with your solution, or just spreading the word around.

if you’re interested to be a part of making telecom wholesale programmable, drop me a private message.

About TelecomsXChange

TelecomXChange, LLC (FCC License # ITC-214–20150519–00126) is the first XaaS open trading platform and the most advanced network for Voice and SMS carriers worldwide.

TelecomsXChange mission is to organize the world’s defragmented telecommunication industry for voice, messaging and virtual phone numbers and make it accessible for CSPs in a programmable and none programmable interface.

Next steps

There will be a series of content (video and text) on this topic to help CSPs get started with the programmable exchange.

Thank you very much for reading



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