SMPP Back to Back User Agent.

TelecomsXChange SMPP B2BUA is the core component for the SMS/A2P exchange functionality on telecomsxchange platform, it handles Messages Routing, Billing and Authentication it also acts as the bridge between the originator and the terminator.

Main Features:

  • Realtime SMS control and call data records (CDRs) for two legs
  • Seamless compatibility with majority of popular SMPP software and hardware in the market today
  • Robustness and Resilence
  • SUPPORT SMPP V3.x and 5.x
  • Enquire_link support for both buyer and seller
  • SUPPORT RtL such as arabic and chinese letters
  • TPS / Max Sessions limiting per account
  • Encodings

This SMPP implementation supports 3 encodings: ASCII (GSM 03.38), LATIN1, and UCS2. Respective data_coding for these encodings are 0x01, 0x03, and 0x08.

Default encoding for data_coding:0 is ASCII.


The routing capabilities plan ed are:


Least Cost Routing. // routes according to least cost route price for the longest prefix length.

Buyer Tech Prefix // The ability to change routes from carrier to carrier by simply pointing to a different tech prefix

ORDER. // The ability to set order value for vendors 1,2,3 where 1 is first in route, 2 is second priority, 3 if 1&2 failed to connect.


The SMPP B2BUA is seamlessly integrated with TelecomsXChange Billing engine with the help of Radius (AAA), Authentication, Authorization, Accouting. some of the capabilities are:

  • Prepaid (Authorized to only use the available prepaid amount in account)
  • Post-Paid (Credit Limit)



Telecom Entrepreneur, Open Source Believer, CPaaS Evangelist — CTO @TelecomsXChange

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Ameed Jamous

Telecom Entrepreneur, Open Source Believer, CPaaS Evangelist — CTO @TelecomsXChange