Matt Czarnek First of all thank you very much for reading my article, and for giving me your honest feedback on it. i do totally get where you coming from, i do that when i get truly excited about something. it is no way meant to mis-lead or sell something to reader, i would like to high light that Restcomm is an open-source project Representing over 5,000,000 lines of code and took estimates 1,554 years of effort. and it is in my opinion the only technology stack out there that provides the freedom and the capabilities to be an alternative to twilio from technology point of view.

Here is an independant report by AT&T Research labs and Columbia University compares MSS (Mobicents Sip Server), OCCAS (Oracle Communications Converged Application Server) and IBM WAS (Websphere Application Server). The report is focused on the highest level of service availability.This is just one of the reasons that i think its the right answer, happy to share more if you needed.

I might sound like am selling again, but i really think if you dig deep enough into this topic and evaluate all the technologies out there you’ll realize that i have no intention of mis-leading or selling.

i personally spent more than 3 years of my life researching this specific topic and trying to give the best answer to it.

It’s also worth mentioning that the commercial version of Restcomm does not sell services directly to developers,it only allows CSPs (Communication service providers) to add the RESTFul API layer on top of its infrastructure to allow developers to use their services in a programmable way.

For developers who are looking to just migrate from Twilio to another CPaaS provider, i do mention in the article the CSPs who got CPaaS Enabled by the Restcomm Technology because am sure that it can scale and deliver the quality that developers want.

Hope this clarifies the “Why” i chose to Restcomm as the god of all alternatives to black box CPaaS providers.

I will update the article with some of the notes that i wrote here, hopefully it will leave a better impression on the next reader.

Again. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Telecom Entrepreneur, Open Source Believer, CPaaS Evangelist — CTO @TelecomsXChange

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Ameed Jamous

Telecom Entrepreneur, Open Source Believer, CPaaS Evangelist — CTO @TelecomsXChange