How CPaaS Providers can save Millions of Dollars ?

Ameed Jamous
3 min readOct 7, 2018

CPaaS providers can innovate more and save millions of dollars by utilizing VoIP Exchange Platforms, this blog post explains how this can be achieved by utilizing TelecomsXChange APIs to automate carrier relations tasks, routing and Network Operation Tasks.

Telecom Exchange Platforms refers to when service providers and carriers utilize a an exchange platform to Interconnect, Buy and Sell Voice, SMS termination services.

By definition the core focus of exchange platforms is interconnection expansion, buying and selling at best rate possible and Qos monitoring of traffic, each category mentioned takes significant amount of work to accomplish and thats why you see a great gap in the prices CPaaS providers buy at and the real-market rates on exchange platforms.

To see this in real-time, let’s check in realtime the difference between the market rates that Twilio offering to India Mobiles:

Twilio: Rate Link


INDIA — MOBILE. $0.0350/ min

Billing Increment: 60/60

TelecomsXChange: Rate link

INDIA — MOBILE: $0.0047/min
Billing Increment: 1/1

As you can see the difference is significant Twilio charges 3.03 cents more and charges per minute instead of per second for the same exact quality route.

The reason for that is that Twilio is buying at premium price from carrier and the main focus for them is CPaaS Innovation not Carrier Relations or aggregation.

During my heavy testing on Twilio voice routes I have even experienced where Twilio is being ripped off in some routes an extremely high price to some destinations where customer is being routed to grey (sim-box) routes or Viber (Onnet OTT) routes, which significantly ruins the experience and the image that Twilio is trying to build for its brand.

How it can be done (Technically)

CPaaS Providers could interconnect with Exchange Platforms over SIP, White-list their SBC’s and Gateways IPs into the exchange platforms portal in few seconds.

Once thats done, they can then start embedding the exchange APIs into their dashboards to build complete automation of their carrier connectivity, Routing, LCR, Quality Based Routing and more..

For example, we’ll use a couple exchange APIs to automate Carrier Relations, Rate Processing, Network Operation Center Tasks:

  • Market View API:Outputs Carrier Name, Connection, Route Type, Price, ASR/ACD Per Breakout, area code, Carrier Reviews by others, Carrier rating, Carrier Payouts Volume and more..
  • Get Phone Numbers API: Provides with real valid phone numbers mobile or land lines to any destination in the world which can be used to initiate a test call on the carrier in the next API Call.
  • Initiate Phone Calls API: This API allows you to initiate a real phone call to any phone number via a specific carrier, route, operator on the exchange in a 100% programmable way without any human intervention, 24×7 , 365 days a year, once the results meet the threshold set, it can be placed into routing for live traffic.

There you have it, 24×7 real-market rate insights, interconnections, stats and reviews from hundreds of other carriers, service providers, Route Testing Automation and Programmable Routing & LCR.

Keep In mind CPaaS providers are benefiting from all new interconnections automatically, real-time market rates drops and stats and data generated from the crowd of users (Buyers and Sellers) on the exchange.


When CPaaS providers realize that they should utilize exchange platforms they could be saving significantly on termination costs and provide way better quality, as CPaaS core ideology is programmable communications and innovation it is kinda funny how they do not utilize exchange platforms in a programmable approach to stay competitive and provide better Qos for their enterprise customers and dev community, once they realize this the energy and time they spend on interconnections, Carrier Relations and QoS will be moved towards on boarding more customers and innovation.

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