Digital Transformation for Telecom Wholesale


While the global carrier wholesale industry is adjusting in a series of systematic threats brought by changes in wholesale business and technology, Global wholesale carriers are under substantial pressure to accelerate the rollout of new services and reduce their exposure to voice.

At TelecomsXChange (TCXC) we have been laser focused on wholesale digital transformation since 2013. The immediate benefit of telecom wholesale digital transformation is taking down interconnection time from months to seconds, allowing communication service providers to expand their interconnection digitally without the need to involve legal, finance, tech teams on every interconnection.

I want to share my vision on what the Carrier Exchange digital transformation would look like and how is TCXC is contributing to it.

First let’s define which digital exchange are we talking about here.

The Carrier Exchange activities that am talking about are the digital trading for Voice, SMS traffic and DID (Direct Inward Dialing) virtual numbers.

Voice Exchange refers to when telephony service providers and carriers utilize a an exchange platform to Buy and Sell VoIP termination services using SIP protocol, for example AT&T sends Telefonica voice traffic for Brazil while it receives back traffic to USA.

SMS Exchange refers to a two or more carriers exchange sms traffic over the public network, when people send sms messages around the world the telecom service providers send these SMS messages from one destination to another, the process of sending and receiving these sms messages is is referred to SMS Exchange.

Virtual Number Exchange refers to a two or more carriers exchange their direct inward dialing (DID) numbers inventory over the IP (Internet Protocol), when people make phone calls around the world the phone service providers send these calls from one phone number to another, the process of carriers obtaining, provisioning and assigning one or more DID number to communication service provider network is basically a DID Exchange.

What does a Telecom Wholesale digital transformation look like with TCXC?

Built-In AAA (Authorization, Authentication, Accounting)

Single prepaid/postpaid wallet for voice, SMS, Virtual Numbers, HLR Lookups and VAS..

E.212 <-> E.164 Mapping

To In order to unify and simplify the SMS and Voice Price list we have built a standard E.212 <-> E.164 map, allowing the SMS players to upload MCCMNC and it gets auto converted to E.164 and vice versa.

Interconnection Speed

The speed for interconnection in a full stack carrier digital platform is minutes instead of years now with no paperwork and no manual interconnection process, it happens all digitally. Upon digitally connecting with a route, a rate notification is triggered to the buyer with technical details (SIP/SMPP) sent to Provisioning team.

Digital Market Search

Finding carrier is as simple as google search, a carrier relations manager bot or human can simply search against the Market View database and find all routes available with different qualities, metrics and features.

Private Exchange

Allows buyers to get special pricing based on volumes and commitment without exposing the rate to rest of your buyers.


Digital transformations must allow partners and members to interact with your platform programmatically in 2020, we have built an intuitive and easy to use RESTful API that unlocks new use cases that were not possible before.

CPaaS Readiness

Digital wholesale platform must be aware of what’s happening in the CPaaS world to distrupt the industry. TCXC is proud to be a CPaaS ready and certified platform working closley with CPaaS industry leaders like Telestax to bring a new digital standard that is releavant in the next decade at least.



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Ameed Jamous

Telecom Entrepreneur, Open Source Believer, CPaaS Evangelist — CTO @TelecomsXChange