CPaaS Turns Your Magic ON!

Ameed Jamous
3 min readSep 27, 2018


When Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone at Mac World 2007 the whole world was wowed by the multi-touch screen of the iPhone and some people laughed and made fun of people who called it a magical device, fast forward years later you now can touch your screen and an Uber ride will appear at your front door to pick you up and many other incredible use cases that we already take for granted and cannot imagine our lives without.

I think a very few devices or tools out there feel magical, since the early days of the iPhone, iPad and App Store I have not seen or felt like there was something so powerful and magical out there that can turn into millions if not billions of use-cases using a single tool like the apple hardware and the software tools that come with it to allow us to write unlimited ideas and apps for millions to use. since then the only thing that turned the Magic ON for me was CPaaS.

Introduction: What is CPaaS ?

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. A CPaaS is a platform that enables web or mobile developers to add real-time communications features (voice, video, and messaging, phone numbers) in their own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces.

Think of CPaaS as the tools you use to create any use case that requires Voice, Video, Messaging, Email communications.

CPaaS has been massively used in the majority of successful apps today used by billions of users around the world everyday, things like SMS Alerts and Verifications, Video Calls, SMS, Voice calls are all uses Communication Platform APIs to deliver the right notification at the right time when a specific event happens.

Communication APIs have been out there for a long time and one of the most popular open-source projects that empowers most of the CPaaS providers is Restcomm but we have to mention while Restcomm community deserves a big clap for creating and maintaining the most well-designed and scalable APIs and communication stacks, Twilio did an amazing job marketing the capabilities to developers world-wide and demonstrated the capabilities of CPaaS in an incredible way.

Why do I think CPaaS is a magical tool for developers ?

Since I have started using CPaaS to build apps, alerts, notifications in the past 3 years and wake up every single day with a 10 more ideas that can use CPaaS to help people automate tasks, I started 4 weeks ago to share CPaaS APIs with other developers and entrepreneurs to see what they would use it for, it was incredible to see how once they initiated the first API request via CPaaS it was ON !

Customer Growth with CPaaS

This graph demonstrates the amount of API Requests sent from their account after I shared with the the API Keys and code sample to initiate their first request.

I thought it was me only, but in reality every single person triggered the first API Call through CPaaS was hooked and their minds went on fire of what they can use this for.

if you have not yet used CPaaS APIs before i really think you should give it a try, wether your building thinking to build IoT devices, web or mobile apps or whatever it is your doing I think CPaaS is the tool that will bring the Wow Factor into it.

Good luck !



Ameed Jamous

Entrepreneur, Open Source Contributor, CPaaS Evangelist - Founder @TelecomsXChange