Carrier(s) Digital Platform

Ameed Jamous
3 min readOct 7, 2018

Why Carrier Digital Platform Enablement?

Almost every industry has been robotized from the stock market to hotel bookings, yet many voice carriers are still defragmented and disorganized, handling payments, buying and selling mostly manually while their margins and revenues keep declining.

We think when a solid automation and digitalization is in place carriers will focus on innovation and growth instead of repetitive work that can totally be automated.

Examples of carriers that have already adopted and invested in Carrier Digital Platform transformation:

The Digital Transformation of voice carriers is on the rise. And this trend is not stopping. It is critical for voice carriers to get ahead of this trend by becoming a digitalized themselves. Carriers must offer their customers the tools and services they need to grow their business or their customers will switch to a provider that can. With TelecomsXChange, becoming a digitalized platform enabled has never been easier. And the benefits of joining the the existing Marketplace community cannot be disputed.

TCXC Contribution to Carrier Digital Platform Revolution

Miami, FL August 08, 2018: TelecomsXChange announced the launch of a its innovative carrier digital platform as a service (TCXC) which will enable global carriers to automate and completely digitalize their voice wholesale business from customer signup to vendor payout.

TelecomsXChange went out on a mission in 2008 to build a reliable exchange platform based on the what was learned from where all the previous VoIP exchanges have failed, we monitored and studies every case carefully to learn what was missing. fast forward to 2013 we have formed a company after building the billing, routing and rating and logic for the exchange purpose in specific, we knew this was the hard way to do it but we were sure that using commercial propriety SBCs (Session Border Controllers) or Class4/5 Softswitches will not do the job.

As of 2018 TelecomsXChange proprietary yet open platform has handled billions in transactions in the past 5 years with ZERO disputes, it has been so far trusted by over 900+ service providers, telecom consultants and developers, call centers and carriers, the platform has truly automated over 98% of the tasks like buying, selling, rate sheet processing, rate notifications, payment collections, payouts and so on…

What is TelecomsXchange Carrier Digital Platform?

TelecomsXChange CDPaaS (Carrier Digital Platform), It is a white-label scalable digital carrier platform as a service forked from TelecomsXChange , Its aimed towards traditional voice, sms, did carriers to automate and digitalize the whole business flow.

  • Customer & vendor boarding
  • Buying & Selling Routes
  • Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
  • Routing
  • Billing
  • Rates processing and notifications
  • Payment collection and processing (Online-Offline)
  • Carrier payouts
  • Support handling
  • Fraud monitoring & alerting
  • Private Exchange Deals
  • Community Building
  • Exiting Integrations (Slack, WordPress, Viber, RestcommONE CPaaS and others…)
  • APIs (Application Programming Interface) to build new tools and integrations.

Stacks Included:

  • SIP Stack
  • SMPP Stack
  • Billing Stack
  • API Stack

TelecomsXChange Carrier Digital Platform can plugin right into your existing network and communicate with legacy platforms over SIP and SMPP protocols, it can be provisioned to serve customers in a matter of days, On premise, in the cloud, hybrid deployment.

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