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The best VoIP Provider in 2019? Well It depends!

In this article we’ll be focusing on who is the best VoIP Provider in 2019, and Why ? Choosing the Best VoIP provider for the future is an important decision and that’s why i decided to put together this article.

For newbies VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. A VoIP provider enables you to make domestic and international calls over the public internet using session initiation protocol (SIP). using a SIP client running on an app (e.g Skype) or running on hardware device (e.g IP-Phone or IP-PBX).

When looking for the best VoIP Provider, the four main important things you need to look for :

  • Quality of service
  • Price
  • Support
  • Flexibility/Freedom

After thirteen years in this industry, i can assure you that there isn't a single perfect VoIP provider, in reality every VoIP provider have their own strenghts and weaknesses. For example, Ring Central is good and affordable if you’re living in the U.S but if you’re making most of your calls internationally, they have premium rates and not guaranteed quality based on my personal experience calling several international destinations.

Quality of Service (QoS)

The quality issue is usually common, a voip provider mostly focuses their efforts on providing best QoS to countries where they have high traffic/demand on. the rest are just generic routes that they don’t monitor closley.

The solution to the QoS problem is to have the ability to use the best VoIP Provider for the destinations they are focused on, for example, you would choose TATA or Airtel for India, while sending calls to US through Verizon or IDT.


The pricing problem is that price, things always start out cheap to a specific destination, but once you start utilizing the service to other countries you end up with a high bill that you did not expect.

On the b2b side of things, high volume callers want best prices and best quality, which is usually impossible, you simply get what you pay for. That’s why you end up being promised one thing and get another. Additionally even those who are willing to pay a premium, end suffering from bad quality because of the higher margins VoIP providers can make on cheaper routes.

The solution to the pricing problem is to have the ability to see the pricing from all VoIP providers in once place , and be able to choose which voip provider you want to send your call through based on best price.


When you have a problem calling to some destination, you’re asked to call or email support, what happens in the back office is that this support rep takes your issue and internally escalate it, to make a long story short, if it’s a remote carrier issue , you’re stuck with the problem for several days before it gets actually resolved.

The solution to this problem is to be able to make a complaint and it gets to the remote party instantly, not the VoIP provider (aggregator) only, but the underlying remote carrier as well.


Almost 99% of VoIP providers don’t share with you the underlying carriers they use for routing your calls, nor give you the option to make underlying carrier routing changes, so switching your calls from one route to another is simply in the hands of a human working for this VoIP provider. in my opinion this is too risky, businesses or indivisuals might lose their whole business because of it.

The solution to this problem is to give you the ability to make routing decisions, which underlying carrier to use, at which price. I might be okay to pay a high rate for some destination to get best QoS while someone at the VoIP provider routing team might need to make a change on their whole pricing to make that decision, which again takes time to happen “if it happens”.

Sounds great ! does this solution exist ?

For many years, i expected someone to do this, but no one did. therefore we went ahead and build TelecomsXChange.

At TelecomsXChange we believe (like me and another 2–3 people) that every VoIP provider have their strengths and weaknesses, therefore we have built a platform for businesses that utilize VoIP services to have realtime access to interconnect to hundreds of VoIP Providers/Carriers in once place and pay one bill.

You can see the wholesale prices and quality statistics per destinations in realtime and simply interconnect and utilize the service with one click. This allows you to connect to many service providers under one roof and simply control who gets what calls based on your own decisions.

In brief, one platform, one bill, multiple providers to choose from.

P.S: At this moment the platform is designed for businesses not individuals, so please keep that in mind before jumping in.

We have published several videos on youtube on how to use the service, feel free to check it out and see if it’s right for you.

We’re always eager for feedback, i’d personally love to hear your opinion on it. if you decide to use it or not. negative or positive. please leave a comment.

Hope you have found this article helpful.

Thanks for reading.



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